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11 Day Irish & British Focus – CIE
Ireland and England
11 days
10 Day Irish & British Focus – CIE
Ireland and England
10 days
9 Day Irish & Scottish Sampler – CIE
Ireland and Scotland
9 days
14 Day British & Irish Grandeur – CIE
Ireland and England
14 days
24 Day Britain & Ireland In Depth – Globus
Ireland and England
24 days
10 Day Essential Britain & Ireland – Globus
Ireland and England
10 days
15 Day The Scots and Irish Gold– CIE
15 Day Scottish & Irish Gold – CIE
Ireland and Scotland
15 days
Scottish and Irish Dream 14Days –C I E TOURS
14 Day Scottish & Irish Dream Tour – CIE
Ireland and Scotland
14 days
24 Day The British Isles In Depth – Cosmos
Ireland and England
24 days
8 Day Irish & Scottish Sampler – CIE
Ireland and Scotland
7 days
8 Day Irish Gold – CIE
8 days
8 Day English & Scottish Discovery – CIE
England and Scotland
8 days
10 Day British & Irish Elegance – CIE
Ireland and England
10 days
11 Day British & Irish Elegance – CIE
Ireland and England
11 days
15 Day British & Irish Grandeur – CIE
Ireland and England
15 days
11 Day Taste Of Scotland & Ireland – CIE
Ireland and Scotland
11 days
16 Day Scottish & Irish Gold – CIE
Ireland and Scotland
16 days
13 Day Celtic Highlights – Globus
Ireland and England
13 days
20 Day – The Best of British Isles (Globus)
Ireland and England
20 days
14 Day Taste Of Britain & Ireland – CIE
Ireland and England
14 days
21 Day Britain & Ireland In-Depth - Globus
21 Day Britain & Ireland In-Depth – APT
Ireland and England
21 days
11 Day Essence Of Britain & Ireland – CIE
Ireland and England
11 days
9 Day Treasures of Scotland
9 Day Treasures of Scotland
Backroads small group tour
9 days

Curated Tours of England, Scotland & Ireland

Welcome to Shamrock Travel and Tours

We are your independent tour specialists-for England, Scotland, and Ireland.

Even though many of the tours that you see featured here APPEAR to be the same…not all tours are created equally! This is where our 40 years of experience in the coach tour business comes in. We know more about these programmes than the operators themselves If you think this is an idle boast, try us!

Travel is in our blood, and we are committed to customer satisfaction throughout all stages of your holiday experience. All guests receive 24/7 customer support and assistance from the first meeting.

For almost 40 years, we’ve helped countless Australian travellers, to find the right tour at the right price.

By working with us, you will receive expert advice, and  guidance. and most important y-it doesn’t cost you a dollar extra to book with us…our commissions come directly from the relevant operator, not your pocket!!!

Small Group Tours across England, Ireland & Scotland Programme?

Consider one of our hand-pick travel companies that specialise in small group tours of England, Ireland & Scotland. A small group tour is an excellent way to experience the British Isles and Ireland. By partnering with Shamrock Tours, you will always know that the travel company is carefully selected. After decades as coach tour specialists, we will always seek out the best value, and the most appropriate tour for your needs.

Check out our unique small group operator in Ireland-Vagabond tours-Irish owned, Irish operated and hugely popular for those “in the know”.

If you have any questions about our tour packages, please call (03) 9882 8368 for a chat.

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Traditional Castle Tours of England, Scotland & Ireland

It’s not a holiday in Ireland, Scotland or England without a trip to the many iconic castles and historic landmarks. The grandeur, luxury and architecture of these heritage buildings are something you’ll never forget.

We’ve tried and tested a wide range of castle stays across Ireland and the UK. Here are a two of the best available today:

Scottish Lochs & Castles – CIE: Spend 8 days exploring historic Scottish establishments, including the stunning Stirling, Blair and Edinburgh castles.

Wonders of Britain & Ireland – Trafalgar: Visit the Edinburgh, Blarney and Alnwick Castles (the home or Harry Potter’s Hogwarts).

Why Turn to Us for Tours of England, Scotland & Ireland?

Based in Melbourne, Shamrock Travel is a collection of seasoned Ireland and UK travel experts.

Collectively we have an incredible 110 years’ experience of researching and touring England, Ireland and Scotland with our featured operators.

By working with us, you’ll receive.

  • Fiercely independent advice and guidance
  • Advice from a passionate team with extensive knowledge of each destination
  • Irish owned and operated Family business based here in Melbourne Australia
  • 24/7 customer support and guidance
  • Carefully selected travel partners
  • Expertly curated itineraries

Let us help you organise the perfect holiday – call (03) 9882 8368 to discuss any of our featured tours of England, Scotland or Ireland.

All-Inclusive CIE Small Group Tours – England, Ireland & Scotland

Córas Iompair Éireann (CIÉ) are one of Ireland’s (and Europe’s) longest running tour companies, and we’ve had the pleasure of working with them for many decades. CIE tours are unique in that they do not sell any optional extras on their tour programmes.

This means that you receive carefully curated itineraries, most meals, transportation and a variety of tour experiences, that are included in your base tour price. ore. In addition, every tour is led by an experienced local tour director with in-depth knowledge of the local area.

All-inclusive pricing is another reason we highly recommend CIE’s tours of England, Ireland and Scotland. CIE tours also have a limited small group tour programme which is quite unique.

Shamrock Travel’s goal is to help you find the tour operator and itinerary that best fulfills your needs.

When we receive your tour inquiry, we will automatically research every other operator’s tour that falls into a similar category. We will then compare the pros and cons of each programme and present the details to you. Our overall aim is to provide a balanced, impartial overview of the tour options available.


Book Authentic Tours of England, Scotland & Ireland

We spend countless hours cross-comparing the various tours on the market to help you find the best value for money. As independent and impartial travel advisors, we use our own in-depth knowledge and combine this with your stipulated tour preferences.

Shamrock Travel’s goal is to help you find the tour operator and itinerary that best fulfills your needs.

From the moment we receive your tour inquiry, we get to work on researching every other operator’s tour that falls into a similar category. After this, we carefully compare the pros and cons of each programme. This process gives you a balanced, impartial overview on the relevant tours before you make your final decision.

After many years in the travel industry, we know that everyone has their own personal preferences and taste. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the local culture, explore castles or travel through the countryside, we are here to help you find and book the perfect travel plan.


Shamrock Tours – 5 Step Process

1. Receiving Your Call: When you’re ready to start planning your trip, simply give us a call at 03 9882 8368. Our friendly tour specialists will be happy to discuss your travel needs and preferences, as well as answer any questions you may have.


2. Personalised Tour Package Selection: Based on your requirements and interests, our experienced tour specialists will carefully handpick a selection of tour packages that meet your criteria. We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of options to suit different budgets, destinations, and travel styles.

3. Customisation and Finalisation: Once you’ve had a chance to review our suggested tour packages, our tour specialists will work with you to further customise and fine-tune the details of your chosen package. Whether you’d like to add extra activities, upgrade your accommodation, or make any other adjustments, we’re here to ensure your trip is perfect for you.

4. Booking and Confirmation: If you’re satisfied with your customised tour package, our travel agents will take care of all the necessary bookings and arrangements on your behalf. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way and provide you with a detailed itinerary and confirmation of all your bookings.

5. Support Throughout Your Journey: As you embark on your well-deserved holiday, you can rest assured knowing that Shamrock Travel is here to support you throughout your journey. Should you require any assistance or encounter any issues during your trip, our travel agents are just a phone call away and ready to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What types of tours does Shamrock Travel specialise in?


Shamrock Travel hand-pick curated tours in England, Scotland, and Ireland, including small group tours and  traditional castle tours.

Our small group tours programmes include all-inclusive CIE small group tours (limited departures), as well as Backroads and Vagabond tours that provide a real and nuanced holiday experience.

Q How do I know the tour providers are reliable and trustworthy?


We have dealt with most of our featured Operators for over 40 years!

We only feature first-class tour providers that we have carefully selected and vetted to ensure the best value and memorable itineraries.

We guarantee you that you WILL NOT find a more experienced team of England, Scotland and Ireland coach tour experts anywhere in Australia.

Q What is included in Shamrock Tours of England, Scotland & Ireland programmes?


Remember, no two tours are created equally!!That is why you need an independent, impartial tour specialist to guide you. Many of the featured tours look identical, and indeed many of them are!

The secret lies in identifying who is providing the best quality hotels (we know!)who is including the most in  their base tour price(we know!)and who is going to waylay you for a plethora of extras when you are on tour(we know!). When we look at a particular tour itinerary-we focus on looking ‘inside’ the itinerary rather than the itinerary itself.

Q How can I find the perfect travel plan for my preferences and requirements?


Reach out to Shamrock Tours at (03) 9882 8368, and our tour guides will be more than happy to help you find the best itineraries tailored to your preferences, whether you want to immerse yourself in the local culture, explore castles, or travel through the countryside.

Alternatively CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR TOUR PREFERENCE and a tour guide will be in touch ,with suggested options.

Q Why should I choose Shamrock Travel for my holiday in England, Scotland, and Ireland?


1. We are  proudly  independent and fiercely impartial.

2. Specialist tour experts with a combined 110 years’ experience between them!

3.Family business based here in Australia

4. We have an unparalleled ,in depth knowledge of all featured tours and we can guarantee you that we will save you both time and money .

Q What destinations do Shamrock Tours curated tours cover?


We are the leading independent tour experts in Australia,for tours of England, Scotland, and Ireland .

Each one  our tour specialists has and in depth knowledge  of each tour featured on this site.

We have dealt with some of the featured operators for over 40 years ,and we have experienced -first hand-many of the featured programmes

Q What is included in Shamrock Tours’ comprehensive travel packages?


Your tour inclusions will vary from tour operator to tour operator. This is where you can harness Shamrock tours’ 40+ years of expertise to guide you through the maze of tour options.

Some programmes cost less at first glance, but when you dig deeper you will realise that they charge you more when you are touring. This is our key point of difference – our goal is to guide you towards the tour with the best overall value, as well as a tour and operator that is likely to best fulfill your needs.

We are impartial, and fiercely independent, so you can be assured that the advice and guidance that we give you is based on YOUR interests, and your interest only.

Q What are the benefits of choosing small group tours with Shamrock TRAVEL?


A small group tour offers a more personalised and intimate travel experienc.

Generally speaking ,the more experienced travellers tend to favour the small group type of travel.These travellers will most likely have already toured on the standard size tours in the past,and are now seeking a more refined version of touring.

Q How long has Shamrock Travel been in operation?


Shamrock Travel have been involved in the Australian Travel Industry since 1984.

Prior to this, the principal Pauric Dempsey worked in his father’s Irish Travel business-established back in Ireland in 1956, which is still in operation to this day!

Throughout this time, we have been providing unforgettable holiday experiences, helping countless travellers secure their dream vacations with expert advice, guidance, and access to our unique travel packages.

Q I’m interested in small group tours of England, Ireland and Scotland. What’s the next step?


In general Small group tours have fewer departure dates and of course fewer places available

Maximum group sizes vary from 12 up to 28 depending on the operator  .

Because of the variety between the various small group tour programmes, it is essential that you speak with our small group tours specialist, so that we can tailor the most suitable tour to your specific needs

This is all the more reason that you should speak to our small group tour specialist.

If you have any questions about our small group tours of England Ireland, and Scotland, give us a call on (03) 9882 8368 for a friendly chat.